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I have sensitive ears - what material can I wear?

Everyone is different!  We usually recommend 14k gold as the very safest option but most people with sensitivities are totally fine with gold fill or sterling.

What's gold fill?

Gold fill is a durable, affordable alternative to solid gold. Gold fill is a layer of real gold pressure-bonded to another metal. While they still require proper care, unlike gold plating, gold filled pieces don't flake, rub off or lose their gold.

Can this necklace be made shorter or longer?

We can accommodate shorter or longer chains on most pieces. Longer chains cost slightly more depending on the length. Shortened chains are always free of charge.

I need a replacement earring back!

If you need a replacement single or pair of earring backs, please let us know.

14k white or yellow gold pair $20 / single $10

gold fill or sterling pair $10 / single $5

plastic backings pair free of charge

I lost an earring - can I order just one?

In most cases, we're able to send you a single earring at 50% of the pair price. Please contact us with what you need.

This ring turned my finger green :(

This is normal for brass or bronze pieces and can't be avoided - simply clean the piece with a microfibre or other soft cloth. You can also coat the inside with clear nail polish to help keep the green at bay.

If this occurs with other materials, you may have a sensitivity to that metal. We're happy to do an exchange for a different piece in this case.

Why is my sterling silver turning a darker colour?

Sterling silver will always oxidize and turn a darker hue over time; this is totally normal. Regular polishing is needed to keep it shiny and new. Luckily, polishing is super easy -  just use a soft cloth or toothbrush and some mild washing liquid.

To help delay oxidization, store your jewelry out of direct sunlight, steam and water. Don't apply lotion or hairspray while wearing your jewelry.

My opal changed colour - what's going on?

Please don't expose your opals to steam or water and avoid any chemicals such as hairspray or lotion, these may cause them to change colour or yellow.

Can you gift wrap my purchase?

All orders are sent in a lovely gold and white branded Little Gold box except for engagement rings which are sent in black velvet boxes. Ceramics are wrapped in tissue and bubble wrap for safety. If you'd like extra special wrapping or something specific, give us a shout.

Where is your store located and how can I get in touch?


104A - 560 Johnson St, Victoria, BC V8W 3C6


250 590 5870


What kind of dog is the shop dog and where do I get one?!

She's a mystery! Most likely a Cocker Spaniel x Dachshund mix. She came from the Victoria SPCA, where they have plenty of wonderful dogs for adoption!